Are Figure 8 Straps Better for Lifting?

Are Figure 8 Straps Better for Lifting?

In the realm of lifting, finding the right equipment can make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals. Among the array of gear available, wrist straps play a crucial role in providing support and enhancing grip strength during heavy lifts. One particular type, the Figure 8 wrist strap, has gained attention for its purported advantages over traditional lifting straps.

Are Figure 8 Wrist Straps Better?

Figure 8 wrist straps have sparked discussions within the lifting community regarding their effectiveness and benefits. Advocates claim that these straps offer enhanced stability and grip, reducing the risk of grip fatigue and injury during heavy lifting sessions. But how do they compare to conventional lifting straps?

Figure 8 Wrist Straps vs. Normal Straps

Advantages of Figure 8 Straps

Shape: One notable distinction between Figure 8 straps and traditional lifting straps lies in their design. Figure 8 straps form a loop that resembles the numeral "8" when viewed from the side, hence their name. This unique shape allows for a more secure grip, distributing the load evenly across the wrist and forearm.

Stability: The Figure 8 design offers increased stability compared to regular lifting straps. By wrapping around the wrist and hand in a figure-eight pattern, these straps minimize slippage and provide a firmer hold on the barbell or dumbbell.

Release: While Figure 8 straps excel in providing a tight grip during lifts, they also facilitate quick and easy release once the set is complete. This feature allows for smoother transitions between exercises and minimizes downtime between sets.

Use: Figure 8 straps are favoured by powerlifters and strength athletes tackling heavy compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats, and rows. Their robust construction and secure grip make them particularly well-suited for maximal effort lifts.

Figure 8 Lifting Straps vs. Normal Straps: Which Is the Best Option for You?

When it comes to choosing between Figure 8 lifting straps and conventional straps, the decision ultimately boils down to personal preference and lifting style. While both options offer benefits in terms of grip support and stability, Figure 8 straps may be preferred by those seeking maximum security during heavy lifts.

Recommended Product: SBD Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Among the wide range Figure 8 lifting straps available on the market, our SBD Figure 8 Lifting Straps stand out for their exceptional quality and performance.

Made in Great Britain using high-grade materials, these straps feature a patent-pending design with strong aramid fibre, ensuring a secure grip and reducing strain on the biceps. Trusted by elite athletes and powerlifting champions, SBD Figure 8 Lifting Straps are a worthy investment for serious lifters aiming to optimize their training regimen.


In conclusion, Figure 8 lifting straps offer a compelling option for lifters seeking superior grip support and stability during heavy lifts. Whether you're a seasoned powerlifter or a novice gym-goer, considering the benefits of Figure 8 straps could elevate your lifting game to new heights.


Are Figure 8 straps suitable for all lifters? While Figure 8 straps can benefit many lifters, they may not be necessary for those focusing on lighter weights or isolation exercises.

How do I properly use Figure 8 lifting straps? To use Figure 8 lifting straps, insert your hand through the larger loop, wrap the strap around the wrist, then weave it through the smaller loop before gripping the barbell or dumbbell.

Can Figure 8 straps replace proper grip strength training? While Figure 8 straps can enhance grip support, they should not replace dedicated grip strength exercises, which are essential for overall strength development and injury prevention.

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