SBD Belt Size Guide

How To Measure For Your SBD Belt

If you currently have a lifting belt, we recommend measuring its circumference at the tightest setting you can employ.

For those without a belt, kindly measure your waist at the intended belt placement, typically situated just above the navel, while maintaining tension in the abdominal muscles. It is imperative not to rely on the trouser waist measurement, as it is not conducive to an accurate belt measurement.

It is generally advised to select a belt size that positions you in the midpoint of the sizing guide. This choice affords you the flexibility to make adjustments based on personal fit preferences, the specific exercise for which the belt is used, fluctuations in body weight, or instances where the belt is worn over layers of clothing or a neoprene belt.

SBD Belt Size Chart

 Size Range (cm) Range (in)
57.5-70 22.5-27.5
S 65-80 25.5-31.5
M 72.5-90 28.5-35.5
L 80-100 31.5-39.5
XL 87.5-110 34.5-43.5
2XL 95-120 37.5-47
3XL 102.5-130 40.5-51
4XL 110-140 43.5-55
5XL 117.5-150 46.5-59