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All our women's gym shirts are made 100% supima cotton for a soft and comfortable fit. Designed in conjunction with professional feedback, these shirts are made for training.

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SBD World's Strongest Man T-Shirt
SBD Classic T-Shirt (Ladies)
SBD Competition T-shirt (Ladies)
SBD Competition T-Shirt 2016 Edition (Ladies)SBD Competition T-Shirt 2016 Edition (Ladies)
SBD Defy Competition T-Shirt (Ladies)
SBD Defy T-shirt (Ladies)
SBD Phantom All Black Competition T-shirt (Ladies)
SBD Phantom All Black T-shirt (Ladies)
SBD Phoenix T-shirt Burgundy / Burgundy (Ladies)
SBD Sheffield 2024 Competition T-Shirt (Ladies)
SBD Eclipse T-Shirt
SBD Storm T-shirt Blue (Ladies)
SBD Storm T-shirt Grey (Ladies)
SBD T-Shirt Logo (Ladies)
SBD T-Shirt Phoenix Burgundy / White (Ladies)