SBD Defy Sports Socks

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SBD Defy Sports Socks Features

SBD Defy Sports Socks are premium sports socks, suitable for training, competition, and day-to-day wear.

Knitted in Great Britain, each of our socks is a bespoke product designed with strength training in mind, from form to function.

Defy is a limited edition collection, offering the same performance and manufactured to the same high standards as our classic product line.

  • Fully elasticated construction and basket-weave fabric for comfort.
  • Ribbed sole for traction within the shoe.
  • Increased lateral stretch in the calf.
  • Sold as a pair.
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.

Socks can not be returned or exchanged.

       Size Shoe Size (UK) Shoe Size (EU)
      S <5 <38
      M 4-8 37-42
      L 7-11 40-46
      XL 10-14 44-49
      2XL 13+ 48+

      Our sock sizes are based on shoe sizing.

      We recommend washing the socks in water no higher than 40°C (104°F), as this will ensure longevity of the material and prevent any potential shrinkage from high heat.

      Allow the socks to air dry after washing. We strongly recommend against putting the socks through a machine dryer as the heat can affect the material of the socks.


      The differences among deadlifting socks, sports socks, and trainer socks primarily revolve around their design, intended use, and specific features tailored for different lifting activities. Deadlifting socks are specialized for lifting exercises, particularly those that involve pulling movements where shin protection is essential. These socks are typically longer to cover the shin without rolling down, and they utilize a tight-knit fabric that minimizes friction and drag during lifts. Additionally, their double-knitted front panel provides extra durability and protection for the shins, making them ideal for rigorous lifting sessions.

      In contrast, sports socks are designed to be versatile enough for various lifting and sporting activities, including training sessions and competitions. They offer comfort, support, and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring they can withstand prolonged wear during active pursuits. Sports socks are crafted from breathable materials that enhance airflow and durability, meeting the demands of different lifting disciplines and athletic endeavors.

      Trainer socks, meanwhile, are shorter and lighter in weight, intended for casual lifting sessions and everyday wear. They prioritize comfort and simplicity, often featuring minimalistic designs with logos or branding on the ankle. Trainer socks provide basic foot protection and moisture management suitable for less intense lifting activities and daily routines.

      Deadlifting socks are designed to provide protection and support during lifting exercises, particularly those that involve pulling movements like deadlifts. They typically cover the lower leg, including the shin, to protect against scrapes and bruises that can occur from the barbell or other equipment. The snug fit and specific materials used in deadlifting socks help reduce friction and minimize drag, allowing lifters to focus on their technique without discomfort.

      Deadlifters wear high socks primarily for two reasons: protection and performance. High socks, often termed as deadlifting socks, protect the shins from scraping against the barbell during lifts, which can be painful and cause skin abrasions. Additionally, these socks can reduce friction between the barbell and the shins, helping lifters maintain a smoother pull and potentially enhancing their lifting performance.

      Powerlifters wear socks for several reasons. Firstly, socks can provide a layer of protection for the feet and shins during lifts, particularly deadlifts where the bar may come into contact with the shins. Secondly, in some powerlifting competitions, specific rules require lifters to wear knee-high socks for certain lifts, such as deadlifts or during equipped lifting to ensure fairness and adherence to competition regulations.

      Sports socks can be worth it depending on your activity level and needs. They are designed to offer comfort, support, and moisture-wicking properties during sports and physical activities. Sports socks help prevent blisters, provide cushioning where needed, and often have specific features like arch support or seamless toes for added comfort. For those who engage in regular sports or physical activities, investing in high-quality sports socks can enhance overall comfort and performance.

      Trainer socks, also known as low-cut socks or no-show socks, are designed to be worn with athletic shoes and sneakers, particularly for training and casual wear. The main purpose of trainer socks is to provide comfort and protection without being visible above the shoe line. They help prevent blisters, absorb sweat, and keep feet comfortable during workouts or everyday activities. Trainer socks are particularly popular in warmer weather or when wearing low-cut shoes where regular socks would be visible or uncomfortable.

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      Defective goods

      All SBD Apparel products undergo a stringent quality control process; we expect our products to live up to the highest standards, and guarantee our products against manufacturing defects.

      If a product does not live up to your expectations, please contact us and include your order number, name and delivery postcode. As an SBD retailer, we are authorised to assess warranty claims. Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase.

      Let us know what you think of your items. If you are not satisfied your purchase can be replaced at any time or returned after 30 days. All of our products come with a 30 day free return and one year manufacturers guarantee against defects.

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