What is an IPF Approved Singlet?

What is an IPF Approved Singlet?

If you're a powerlifter or someone who follows the sport closely, you might have heard the term "IPF Approved Singlet" being thrown around. But what exactly is it, and why is it important?

In this blog, we'll explore the world of IPF-approved singlets, breaking down their significance, features, and more.

Understanding IPF and Its Regulations

Before delving into the singlet itself, it's crucial to understand what IPF stands for. IPF stands for the International Powerlifting Federation, the global governing body for the sport of powerlifting. The IPF is known for its strict regulations and guidelines, which ensure fair competition and safety for all participants.

What is an IPF Approved Singlet?

An IPF Approved Singlet is a specialized piece of athletic clothing designed for powerlifters participating in IPF-sanctioned competitions. It's not your typical gym attire.

This singlet adheres to strict IPF regulations regarding material, construction, and design. It plays a significant role in ensuring fair competition and maintaining the sport's integrity.

Why is an IPF Approved Singlet Necessary?

The necessity of an IPF Approved Singlet lies in the IPF's commitment to creating a level playing field for all athletes. By standardizing the attire worn during competitions, the IPF aims to eliminate any potential advantages or disadvantages that might arise from using different types of clothing.

IPF Standards on Singlets

To help with understanding IPF standards and rules, here is a brief summary on their rules on singlets / suits.

  • In Equipped competitions, lifters can wear a supportive lifting singlet.
  • The singlet's material must be a single thickness.
  • It should have legs extending between 3cm and 15cm from the crutch down the inside of the leg when worn in a standing position.
  • Any alterations to the singlet must not exceed established measurements.
  • Alterations in the form of pleats to tighten the singlet are allowed, but they must be made on the original seams by the manufacturer and on the inside of the singlet.
  • Excess material from shoulder strap tightening should be tucked inside the singlet, with no more than 3cm protruding outside.
  • Only supportive lifting singlets from approved manufacturers listed by the IPF are permitted.
  • These singlets must adhere to all IPF Technical Rules; any singlet breaching these rules is not allowed in competitions.
  • The singlet straps must be worn over the lifter's shoulders at all times during all lifts in all competitions designated as Equipped.

Benefits of Using an IPF Approved Singlet

Using an IPF Approved Singlet offers several advantages, including:

  • Compliance with IPF regulations, ensuring you can compete in sanctioned events.
  • Enhanced safety during lifts, as the singlet minimizes the risk of fabric getting caught on equipment.
  • Confidence and focus, knowing that you are following the same rules as your competitors. 


In conclusion, an IPF Approved Singlet is more than just a piece of clothing for powerlifters. It represents adherence to strict regulations, fair competition, and enhanced safety. Choosing the right singlet and caring for it properly can make a significant difference in your performance and overall experience in the world of powerlifting.

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What is the IPF? 

The IPF, or International Powerlifting Federation, is the global governing body for the sport of powerlifting, responsible for establishing rules and regulations for the sport.

Are IPF Approved Singlets mandatory in IPF competitions?

Yes, IPF Approved Singlets are mandatory attire for powerlifters participating in IPF-sanctioned competitions.

Can I use any singlet in powerlifting competitions?

No, only IPF Approved Singlets are allowed in IPF-sanctioned competitions. Using other types of singlets may result in disqualification.

How often should I replace my IPF Approved Singlet?

The frequency of replacement depends on usage and wear. Inspect your singlet regularly for signs of damage or wear and replace it as needed to ensure it meets IPF standards.

Where can I purchase an IPF Approved Singlet? 

You can find IPF Approved Singlets at in our online store. 

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